About us

In the heart of Vojvodina, in Novi Sad, Danubius factory impresses by its grandiosity and tradition of excellent quality products. Danubius is engaged in storing, drying and trading of cereals and production of milling products and pasta, all in accordance to strict national and international food safety standards.

Danubius has Silo with the capacity of 65.000 tons, which is fully prepared for storage and drying cereal, and for transits operation, such as reception, loading, shipping and the unloading the trucks, wagons, and ships.

Factory of pasta is built in 1918. As part of Danubius, the pasta factory has the capacity of 14.350 t per year.

Thanks to FSSC standard, the quality of natural raw materials meet new technologies to achieve high-quality products that satisfy the most demanding markets.


Danubius has a capacity of 65,000 tons, which is fully capable of storing and drying cereals, as well as for transit operations - receiving, loading, unloading and shipping by trucks, wagons and ships.

A modern computer-led mill with a daily output of 300 tons of the highest quality wheat and produces various types of flour for all purposes.

The pasta factory, with a capacity of 15,000 tons per year, produces all kinds of pasta.


Danubius has business partners in Serbia, such as: Delhaize, Mercator, Univerexport, Idea, Dis, Metro Cash&Carry, Aman, Luki, DTL, Swisslion, Bambi, Jaffa and etc.

Danubius devotes special attention to business with foreign partners. Our products can be found in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Sweden.

According to Nielsen's research, Danubius takes a leading position in the market of pasta in Serbia with market share of 27%.


Team spirit, connectivity and high motivation of employees guarantees the quality of production and service delivery, and consequently of the success and sustainable development of Danubius.

Investing in the training of employees is a priority for Danubius.


In 1918, Danubius was founded as a biscuit and pasta factory. In that way it operates until 1955 and in 1959 organizes its transition to „Mlinpred“.

In 1979, Danubius began to operate within the „Mlinpek“. In 1983, as a biscuit and pasta factory, together with the Vojvodina mill, it became part of „AIK Novi Sad“. In 1990, it became a joint-stock company from a social enterprise.

The milestone in the rich history of Danubius in 2006, when it enters the part of Delta Agrar, whose member is still today.