Flour is the basic raw material of our diet. Flour is produced by the multiphase grinding and grinding of wheat grains into particles of different sizes that different sorts of flours are formed by sewing together and joining different passages. Depending on the size of the particles, we distinguish soft flour, sharp flour, and pear.

Sharp wheat flour T-400

Sharp wheat flour for fine pastries and cakes, within the 400 type, is considered to be the best quality flour since it is produced from the grain itself. 
It decides with a mild yellowish color and a sharp granulation/particle size / by which it has got its name. 
It is recommended for the preparation of biscuits, cakes, and pies.

Soft wheat flour T-400

Soft wheat flour is considered to be the highest quality flour because it is produced from the very center of wheat grains, white in color, according to the particle size belongs to soft flour with fine granulation, which is why it was named. It is recommended to prepare pastry from the final fermented dough such as donuts, mackerel, and pancetta. 

Wheat flour T-500

Wheat flour for acid dough and homemade pasta in the 500 type is darker than the flour type 400. It is distinguished by fine granulation and it is recommended to prepare delicacies from the fermented dough, pizza, breadcrumbs, bread, as well as for preparing Homemade pasta and similar products. These types of products are distinguished by the slightly rougher structure of the dough.
Graham flour

Graham flour is a dark color. It is obtained from whole wheat grains, so it is richer in vitamins E and B complexes, minerals and proteins. It is suitable for preparing bread and various types of pastries. As well as deliberately black, graham flour is an indispensable part of people's diet that takes care of a healthy lifestyle. The bread of graham flour is brown, has some rough structure, juicy taste and increased biological value due to the content of plant fibers, vitamins, and minerals. 

Mixture for rye bread

A mixture of rye bread is flour obtained by mixing flour with rye and wheat flour. It is used for making special types of bread and pastry and crispy biscuits. Especially present in Scandinavian and Russian cuisine. The bread made of this mixture is darker in color, slightly acidic taste. It is characterized by long freshness.

Buckwheat flour mixture

Buckwheat flour mixture serves to make bread from buckwheat. Due to the chemical composition of the buckwheat, it is necessary to use a mixture of flour, buckwheat, and wheat to make bread from this cereal. Buckwheat bread is rich in plant fibers, various types of minerals and vitamins. Especially recommended in different diets.