Danubius Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

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Danubius Company for flour and pasta production celebrates an important jubilee this year – its 100th anniversary. It was founded after World War One, in 1918, as the Dough and Canned Food Factory and today it is the most modern and technologically best equipped flour and pasta factory in this territory.

The modern computer-guided mill can grind 300 tons of wheat per day and produce various sorts of flours for all purposes. The silo for storing and drying crops has the total capacity of 65,000 tons. The pasta factory can produce as many as 15,000 tons a year.

Danubius flour and pasta have the leading position in the market. The market share of Danubius flour is 34% and of vitaminized pasta 35.6%.

“It is great honour to be part of Danubius in the year when we celebrate our 100th anniversary. In our 101st year we will continue our long-standing successful and steady business with the intention of maintaining the leading position in the market. In that respect, in the forthcoming period we are planning investments worth almost 4 million euros and portfolio expansion”, said Predrag Marković, Danubius Director.

“Since 2006, when Danubius became part of Delta Holding, 12.6 million euros have been invested in its development. Today the factory has the most modern machinery for flour processing and pasta production so that our quality may be compared to top-ranking world producers”, said Milorad Sredanović, Delta Holding Vice President who used to be Danubius Director for many years.

The centennial is an important jubilee for the factory as well as for the milling industry in Serbia because there are few factories which have done operated successfully for such a long period of time.

This is a short history about the development of the factory:

  • It was founded in 1918 as the Dough and Canned Food Factory
  • 1922 – became Danubius – the First Bačka Biscuits and Dough Factory
  • 1932 – became the Noodles and Pasta Factory
  • 1945 – Danubius became a state-owned company
  • 1956 – Danubius became part of “Mlinpred”
  • 1974 – started operating as an independent organization within Food Factory “Mlinpek”
  • 1984 – Danubius operated as an organizational unit within Agricultural and Industrial Combine Enterprise “Novi Sad“
  • At the beginning of 1990s State Company Danubius was established consisting of: Vojvodina Mill (built on the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal in 1960), present-day enterprise “Bread” and Pasta Factory “Danubius“.
  • The bakery segment got separated in 1993 and formed an independent bakery enterprise “Bread”, while the mill and the pasta factory remained within the enterprise under the old name – Danubius.
  • 1999 – the company was organized as a joint-stock company for crops processing and trading and pasta production.
  • 2006 was the milestone in the rich history of Company Danubius, when the factory became part of Delta Agrar and up until now.